Love Your Neighbors

I live in a special place, hence this blog to share the news. Maybe you have not heard of my county before. I would love to tell you all about it. We are a close-knit community in Butts County, Georgia. We have lived among one another for generations in most cases and our motto is “love thy neighbor.” We take this seriously and do what we can on a regular basis as a matter of course. Neighbors are known to treat one another like family; in fact, we are family in every sense of the term. We are there when it counts rain or shine. It is comforting to know that someone has your back and you can rely on these friends to assist you in a pinch. I remember a time when my kitchen caught fire when I was asleep. Thanks to the neighbor’s keen sense of smell, it was saved before complete destruction occurred. Who do you think called the fire department? Of course, I would always reciprocate.

Neighborly activities may not always be drastic involving fire, injury, flooding, or other disaster. They involve helping clean up a water leak, restoring a garage door, planting new seeds in the garden, or playing with the kids on their new trampoline. I bring this up because I bought one recently for the tots who are like my own. I was trying to do something special for the next-door family and this popped into my mind. I have seen YouTube videos and have heard about the best trampoline models through the grapevine.

I thought it was the perfect gift and the neighbors agreed. The smiles on the kids’ faces was thank you enough. They invited me over to watch and help take photos, but I was already peeking through the mutual fence. We all do it, right? Just kidding. When I hear the ring of cheerful voices, I just have to see what is going on. More often than not, I am invited over for a beer. In the case of the kids, it is milk and cookies. When I am a bit down and out due to a tough day at work or a disappointment of some kind, I am roused by my neighbors who perk me up. It is as if they can sense my mood.

While I am not up to jumping on the trampoline myself, I love to watch. I even looked up some basic techniques safe for children online so I could show them pictures and reiterate instructions. They loved learning the “tricks” and pretending to be gymnasts. We watched some competitions so I could focus on pointed toes, straight legs, bent knees for tuck jumps, and good balance for twists and seat landings. I never know this special vocabulary before—words like straddle, pike, etc. What fun. When it comes to kids, there are so many ways to interact and the trampoline is definitely one of them.