A Good Sister Needs a Good Friend

Personal problems in Butts Country, Georgia are just like anywhere else. You can count on that. Americans aren’t that different and lead similar lives. Problems revolve around your job (and maybe that nasty boss or irritating colleague who chews gum and crackles it in your ear), your home and all the necessary on-going chores, and no doubt your family. This is a huge cause of grief in my life as in others. I love them all dearly but some less than others at certain moments. Let me tell you why and see if you relate.

This time, the story isn’t about me. It has to do with a close friend who needed to move her older brother in with her for a time while he got on his financial feet. She had no choice but to agree and be a good sister. She didn’t know how long it would take, but she knew it would be a while before her brother found success, and major adjustments would be needed. A big, huge one was the lingering issue of cigarette smoke. Like me, she appreciates fresh clean air, even inside the house, and hates a place that reeks of stale smoke. Even if a person smokes in his or her car, or outdoors, it comes in with their clothing. Even pets can be victim of second-hand smoke. Just smell the fur of a dog or cat owned by a smoker. My friend was having a crisis on her hands. How to deal with the problem without offending her sibling. She always prided herself on a good relationship since childhood, and she didn’t want this state of affairs to end. She has seen how horrible it is when brothers and sisters argue and it can last for years.

She came over practically in tears and I assured her that she was making the right decision to keep peace in the family. There is a solution other than banning the cigarettes: a good air purifier for cigarette smoke, like the units at https://www.nomoresmokesmell.net/best-air-purifiers-cigarette-smoke/. They work wonders on smoke as well as other airborne pollutants and allergens. Her place could smell as fresh and clean as she liked. She could open the windows as a big hint as well. She would suggest regular washing and dry cleaning of her brother’s clothes. Another hint. She would place a bottle of Febreze deodorizer in his room to take care of odor-absorbent bed linens. The biggest hint.

I got a report a few weeks after my friend’s brother arrived and settled in. He did try to change his ways so the smell issue was considerably reduced. The air purifier took care of the rest. “This little electronic gem is worth its weight in gold,” she blurted in glee. “Thanks for the tip. I can always count on you.” I beamed with pride and vowed to be Miss Helpful whenever I could. A good sister needs a good friend.