Great Family Visit

It’s time to visit the kids and leave Butts County for a few days. It’s not that I want to; I miss my offspring and they are not near enough to visit on a weekly basis. This blog today is about my water tank adventure.

When I arrived, I was greeted warmly and was in heaven. I settled in and then asked what I could do. I wanted to be useful: cook, clean, make repairs, paint, do garden work, or sort through the garage. No one ever asks. I volunteer. A great family visit means that I feel useful and that everyone enjoyed having me around.

I stayed with one child while the others came regularly to have communal meals and spend time together catching up. After just one day, I noticed that there was not enough hot water that morning for my shower. Did one more person put that much strain on the tank’s capacity. I vowed to take a look and see what was up. No one was home so I went into the basement where I assumed the water heater was located. Sure enough. I found it hiding, not inconspicuously, in a corner. Yikes. It was not connected. It seemed to be put out of sight just for storage. Now what to do?

Did this house not have a water heater at all? I didn’t notice solar panels on the roof. But even if they existed, they would have to heat the tank up. I was totally perplexed. I wandered around and went upstairs to look in every closet. I then went into the street to see if I could see the tank mounted on the roof; but that is such an archaic placement.

I waited until dinner, not wanting to disturb my son at work. I told him the problem when he got home and he roared with laughter. “Mom, we don’t have a tank anymore.” He explained that they had just installed a tankless model and that the old tank was in the basement until it was picked up—in a couple of days. A what? What is a tankless water heater? He gave me a tour of the small appliance and how it works. It took up very little space in another corner of the basement. My son planned to build shelves where the old one resided.

“It is super economical,” he offered. “My electricity bills have gone way done. The savings more than pays for the unit. It is the modern way to go and pure state of the art.” I was impressed. I had never heard of this space and energy savings device and I just had to get one. As soon as I got home, I phoned a company that will come to your home, give you an estimate, and take care of delivery and other details. All I had to do was chose a place. The salesman said they would do that as well. This was going to be a no brainer. No more cold showers anymore.