What a Mess

They say that nothing exciting happens in Butts County Georgia. Well, they would be wrong. After all there are twenty-four thousand people in the center of the state. How’s that? And then there is the hub called Jackson. It is so interesting that many movies have used the town as a setting. Think of the Stranger Things, a Netflix series, the TV show The Originals, and the movie Endless Love. You now get the picture.

It is so wonderful, and I am not kidding, that I recently spent my vacation camping and hiking at Jackson Lake. It’s a beautiful area with outstanding scenery. I was only gone a few days when I heard by text message that there was a leak in my basement, causing a huge flooding problem. At least the water stayed there, but it had to be fixed and I wasn’t home to greet the plumber. I called my brother and it was clear that I was distressed. In fact, I was in a panic. He calmed me down with a promise that his son would come to the rescue in a matter of hours. I sighed a big breath of relief.

I got the report later. He arrived at the house and scrambled for my hidden key which took him an hour to find. When I say “under the rock by the front door” doesn’t it seem obvious? No matter; it was found eventually. He went down to the basement to inspect the damage. He had to traipse through the water. Fortunately he had rubber boots—the kind men use when fly fishing. At least he was prepared and it boded well; but it did not end well.

The pipe had to be fixed before cleanup started which was going to be difficult. The water had to be drained with a hose and then mold would start to set in. It can cause a smell and health problems if you don’t attack it. He rented some huge fans for the purpose. First the pipe. By the time he found it, he was treading water. Nevertheless he would use his welder for a quick repair. He could improve on it later. He had to be very careful not to get the machine near any water. But he is a smart guy and held it high. The problem was that it wouldn’t start. It is a cheap welder that he bought from https://www.ratemywelder.com/best-cheap-welder/. The reason he chose it was because it didn’t need an electrical outlet, which I have in the basement; but it was under water.

Okay, another hour went by as he tried and tried again. The whole job had become a fiasco. Finally success! He got the welder to start and decided against a mending approach. He had brought a piece of pipe just in case. He was able to cut the old one and insert the new. You may call this a good result, but remember that the foundation of my house was floating in water. I hoped that my nephew would have it drained before my return. After another day of fretting, I got a positive report.